New Grid Immigration Consulting is based in Regina, Saskatchewan. Established in 2011, the company is dedicated to giving assistance to individuals who wish to migrate to Canada. Our Company aims to provide strategic immigration counselling with the right solutions, timely responsive services, and accurate documents processing.

We can assist you with a wide variety of immigration matters such as Work Permit Application and Extension, Temporary Resident Visa to Permanent Resident Status through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program. We specialize in Skilled Workers and work closely with employers to ensure smooth on -boarding coordination.


Saskatchewan is considered to be one of the best destinations for jobs and opportunities in Canada, attracting immigrants locally and abroad. The province’s main industries are Agriculture, Mining, and Petroleum.

Manpower shortage is still a major problem in almost all of Saskatchewan’s industries such as hospitality and skilled workers.

Based on statistics conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, there are only 4,000 temporary foreign workers in Saskatchewan compared to the 24,000 temporary foreign workers in the province of Alberta. It is easy to see the huge potential that Saskatchewan has in terms of immigration opportunities.