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Distinguished Affiliations

Our Commitment to Excellence in Immigration Services

New Grid Immigration Consulting is proud to be affiliated with esteemed organizations in the immigration field. These affiliations reflect our dedication to professionalism, ongoing learning, and adherence to the highest standards of practice in immigration consultancy.

Accredited Excellence

Our affiliations with CICC-CCIC and CAPIC ensure we meet the highest standards in immigration consultancy, offering you trusted and ethical service.

Proven Expertise

With our extensive experience and CSIC e-Academy background, we bring expert, up-to-date guidance to navigate your immigration path effectively.

Affiliation Details

Excellence Through Professional Affiliations

Our partnerships with leading immigration organizations reflect our dedication to upholding the highest standards in immigration consulting.

CICC-CCIC Membership

We adhere to rigorous ethical and professional practices as mandated by CICC-CCIC, ensuring top-quality consulting services.

CAPIC Membership

Our CAPIC involvement keeps us at the industry forefront, enhancing our consultancy with current trends and knowledge.

CSIC e-Academy Alumni

Our foundational training at the CSIC e-Academy equips us with a broad network and deep insights into immigration consulting.

Join Our Trusted Network

Ready to navigate your immigration journey with a team backed by industry-leading affiliations? Connect with New Grid Immigration Consulting today. Let our accredited expertise guide you to your Canadian dream. Contact us to begin your tailored immigration process.