SINP: Your Gateway to Life in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking to become permanent residents of Canada. This program is tailored for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and those who have the potential to contribute significantly to Saskatchewan’s growth. Understanding SINP An overview of how the SINP operates and its different categories – International Skilled […]

Transforming Lives through Immigration

Immigration is more than a process; it’s a life-changing journey. At New Grid Immigration Consulting, we’ve had the privilege of being a part of many such transformational stories. In this post, we share the experiences of those who’ve successfully made Canada their home. John’s Story From a temporary work permit to permanent residency, John’s journey […]

A Quick Guide to Canadian Immigration

Welcome to the world of Canadian immigration! If you’re considering a move to Canada, understanding the basics of its immigration system is crucial. Canada’s immigration policy is diverse, offering various paths like temporary visas, permanent residency, and citizenship. Types of Visas Learn about the different types of visas – from work and study permits to […]